ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG), now offers assistance with USDA loans and compliance for vertical farm buyers through its new USDA consultant, currently over 10,000 requests


PENSACOLA, Florida., April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZA Group, Inc. (OTC: ZAAG) (“ZAAG” or “the Company”), a company specializing in acquisitions of emerging industries with a focus on direct-to-consumer apparel and the manufacturing of self-sufficient farms, adds a USDA consultant to offer assistance with USDA loans and compliance for vertical cultivation system buyers.

The USDA consultant (“the Consultant”) was engaged shortly after the Company secured its second vertical agricultural order during the month of March 2022. With over 10,000 Vertical Growth System Inquiries, the Consultant will not only respond to inquiries but offer assistance in structuring the appropriate business plan using the Vertical Growth System to then be used to obtain USDA loan for their business. The consultant will further assist in advising on the vertical system stay compliant with the USDA and obtaining additional benefits for optimal success.

The consultant has over 6 years of experience in the agricultural industry and has Miraculous Life FarmLLC. (“MLF”), a family farm. MLF has successfully grown Thai guava, sweet apple, and passion fruit and distributed them to major grocery chains across the United States, including President, Publixand Winn Dixie. His success has been using all USDA loan and insurance benefits, mastering growing and harvesting techniques, and securing distribution channels while remaining compliant as a farmer.

President of ZAAG, John Morgan comments, “Using a USDA consultant is a game-changer for us. We now not only have help with the growing number of inquiries about getting a vertical growth system, but we can now help them buy a system or systems using extremely low rate long term loans through the USDA We can now help many people start a new business in critical space during a time of shortage of space. inventory without having to or with very minimal personal funds. I’m proud to be part of an organization where we can now help others provide fresh produce, build a business and create jobs.” Morgan continues, ” To our shareholders, providing these new opportunities to potential or current vertical farmers will not only help increase revenue, but we can now meet the 10,000 inquiries with these new options, greatly increasing the odds for many new vertical farmers. average sales conversion rate across all industries is around 2.46% to 3.26%, which equates to 246 to 326 new system orders growing out of our 10,000 growing and current requests, generating approximately $49.2 for $65.2 million based on the approximate conversion result with one system each. ZAAG would benefit from approximately $24.6 for $32.6 million through his March 3, 2022 60% acquisition agreement with E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., significantly maximizing shareholder value. I look forward to sharing more updates as we progress.”

On ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG)

ZA Group, Inc. is an emerging-industry acquisition company with an emphasis on direct-to-consumer apparel and stand-alone farm manufacturing. His goal is to take his brands to the next level, whether to own, license or manage. Currently, ZA Group, Inc. owns 60% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., to manufacture stand-alone vertically integrated farms, and NFID as a wholly-owned subsidiary, an online retail outlet offering clothing (visit website).

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