Thai Capital Public: Progress on TCC Asset Management Company Limited Impersonation Alert


TCC 6/2022

May 20, 2022

Subject: Progress on TCC Asset Management Company Limited Impersonation Alert


Director and Manager

The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Since a group of criminals falsified the name of TCC Asset Management Company Limited (“TCCAMC”), which is a subsidiary of Thai Capital Corporation Public Company Limited (“the Company”), which can be done by direct contact or via social media with the intention of misleading the general public into believing that TCCAMC will approve a loan amount to the borrower, but the borrower must first transfer to such deceivers a certain amount of money as loan security. Or there may be other forms of deception in the hope of obtaining personal information or property from the general public or investors.

The Company published a notice to the general public and investors via the Company’s website and the website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand on May 3, 2022. However, recently, the general public or investors have still contacted the Company and inquired on this subject. Therefore, the company would like to reiterate that it has no involvement or knowledge of any such matter and that it is not its policy to issue such a loan. This action is a criminal act against the general public, investors and damages the reputation of the company. Therefore, the Company wishes to announce it to the general public and to investors so that they recognize this fact and are not deceived by this action. Please do not provide any personal information or transfer money to these deceivers.

The company has already filed a case at the Lumpini Metropolitan Police Station regarding this matter on May 17, 2022 and if said matter is found to cause harm to the company, the company will continue to pursue legal action against these criminals. .

Please be informed accordingly,


(Kamphol Patana-anukul)

Financial director



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