Property Perfect enters the clean energy sector


Property Perfect enters the clean energy sector

Property Perfect teams up with partners to enter the clean energy sector and improve the garden in projects and houses with a world-class garden concept

As the use of clean energy becomes a new norm in residences, Property Perfect is expanding in the activities related to the use of clean energy by partnering with “SCG Roofing, EVLOMO Technologies and SCB” to enter into the solar rooftop and EV home charger business together, beginning with installation in the projects’ residential units and expanding to those interested in both the projects and nearby communities.

Wongsakorn Prasitvipat, Managing Director of Property Perfect Public Company Limited, said: “The use of clean energy is growing exponentially, driven both by demand from consumers to use more clean energy and by the government policy to be promoted. This is a good opportunity for the company to expand into clean energy-related business, namely “solar roof and EV home charger” to meet customer needs, to boost the use of electricity. clean energy together and to improve the standard of living to make it energy. – save the community with a sustainable environment.

“The company has partnered with SCG Roofing Co., Ltd. to tap into the solar rooftop market and install rooftop solar power generation systems; and joined EVLOMO Technologies Co., Ltd. to install EV chargers in homes, starting with new single-family homes in projects under the “Perfect Masterpiece” and “Lake Legend” brands. Our aim is to expand to general clients including Property Perfect housing projects, neighboring communities and group subsidiaries. At the same time, the company cooperated with Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited to offer a special financial offer to those interested in settling. Within 5 years, the company aims to install solar roofs in 30,000 homes and EV chargers in 50,000 homes, which will help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 million tonnes.

In addition, the company has partnered with “Nongnooch Garden”, which is ranked among the 10 most beautiful gardens in the world. It will be the first time that the concept of elegant world-class garden is applied to design gardens in units of projects under the brand “Perfect Masterpiece” and lakeside gardens in common areas at “Lake Resort New Ratchapruek”. – a new chapter of green space design in projects and homes.

Thongchai Sopon, Housing Products Business Manager, SCG Roofing Co., Ltd. reveals that “solar power generation as a whole has great potential for growth. In addition to environmentally friendly energy consumption, a key factor is also a price-performance ratio thanks to a saving on the electricity bill of up to 60%. Moreover, the prices of solar panels today are dropping to a point that is worth an investment. This can incentivize the household sector to install rooftop solar systems with a break-even point in a shorter time frame. For Property Perfect, in addition to choosing SCG Green Choice which is environmentally friendly and SCG’s energy-saving innovations, the partnership also helps foster widespread use of clean energy and meet residential demand based on a change in consumer behavior. which includes no more working from home or in homes with EV chargers that are charged during the day with a safe and beautiful solar roof system with standard SCG care.

Nicole Wu, President and CEO of EVLOMO Technologies Inc, a leading electric vehicle company in the United States, reveals that “in addition to the installation of electric vehicle chargers in the homes of Property Perfect projects, this partnership includes a co -marketing to enter the home electric vehicle charger business. to build new customers. In general, more than 80% of EV charging is done at home. EVLOMO presents the EVLOMO ELO series, an intelligent charger that offers the advantages of dust and water protection. It is safe and able to connect to 4G and Wi-Fi for remote charging. It also supports Thai and English to be displayed on the screen. EVLOMO is also raising the level of ultra-fast charging that is required for EV use in Thailand and expanding a nationwide network of EV charging stations for convenience at home and in communities.

Sutirapan Sakkawatra, Senior Executive Vice President Marketing Funcion, Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, said, “The clean energy business is in line with SCB’s goal to encourage businesses and customers to move towards a clean economy. and a low-carbon society. Connections with potential partners in various industries are the bank’s key strategy. We are very proud to have had the opportunity from Property Perfect to join the partnership to promote clean energy with special financial offers such as Green Finance provided to Property Perfect clients. This is a home loan with special interest rates as well as a solar roof loan with interest rates at the same rate as a home loan.

Kampol Tansajja, President of Nongnooch Pattaya Garden, reveals that “the gardening in the common area of ​​the ‘Lake Resort Ratchapruek’ project will focus on a Thai-style garden, as Property Perfect aims for it to look like a resort. It will select tropical plants which have beautiful forms and are easy to care for but offer maximum ease of use as well as valuable plants for garden design in the residential units of “Perfect Masterpiece”, a large detached house with a large garden space. It will emphasize beauty from all angles by arranging the trees in a borrowed view which also benefits neighboring homes. The trees will be mature trees 100+ years old which is a trend popular today.


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