CIMB Thai introduces “Maxi Flexi ESG” structured notes, protecting the principle 100% with a minimum ROI of 0.25%


Phudinan Setthanan, the bank’s deputy managing director and head of financial product development, said: “It is undeniable that over the past year there has been a lot of fluctuation in the investment market. This has made products that protect the principle of investors more popular because they can guarantee a return on investment regardless of market conditions. Maxi Flexi ESG is a new form of investment that automatically adjusts the ratio according to the investment principle and uses a rules-based management strategy to access global assets, both bonds and stocks, saving investors having to constantly monitor the movement of the index.

“The Maxi Flexi ESG Structured Notes offer additional yield through the price increase of the Citi FlexiBeta ESG USD VT5 Index, which is available exclusively at CIMB Thai. In addition, the weakening baht will also create an opportunity for invest in foreign assets in US dollars and derive additional benefits from the future exchange rate,” he added.

Examples of equity instruments in the investment portfolio: ASML Holding (ESG Arabesque score 69/100), Visa (63/100) and Walt Disney (55/100).

CIMB Thai is the winner of 8 consecutive years of Best Bank for Investment Solutions from The Asset Triple A, as well as 34 other awards.

* Depending on the investment format. For more information and investment criteria, contact any branch of CIMB Thai Banks or tel. 02-638-8277.

Disclaimer: Structured Notes are a complicated and high-risk investment instrument. Please study the conditions, return on investment and risk, as well as seek further advice before investing.


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