3 million Covid-19 infections in Thailand since 2020, mental health plummets


Yesterday, the number of Covid-19 infections in Thailand since the pandemic hit the country in 2020 rose to 3 million. There have been 781,371 infections since January 1. Of these infections, there have been 1,478 deaths and 589,997 recoveries.

Thailand’s Department of Mental Health has also reported the drastic impact of Covid-19 on mental health. The chief executive of the DMH told the Bangkok Post that the suicide rate in Thailand is 5.9 times higher than it was before Covid. Data from the department found that people are 2.1 times more likely to develop stress and 4.8 times more likely to develop depression than they were before the pandemic.

The chief executive said one of the factors in the sanity drop is the slow spread of the Omicron variant, preventing progress on the situation. He said the DMH is planning a new service.

He said that in some cases people have taken their own lives when their business stopped generating enough profit due to government shutdowns and restrictions, in response to the Covid-19 situation. In a tragic incident, a Chon Buri couple hanged themselves in their home after being threatened by loan sharks. Husband and wife both worked as food vendors, and Covid-19 restrictions as well as a lack of customers hit their profits hard. The couple had two children.

A UNICEF study from January 2020 to September 2021 found that 28% of Thai teenagers suffered from high levels of stress, 32% were at risk of depression and 22% were at risk of suicide.

Worldwide, the number of people who have died from Covid-19 has now exceeded 6 million, nearly 1/6 of that in the United States alone.

SOURCES: Bangkok Post | Pattaya News | UNICEF


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